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Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is on elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.
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Friends THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY is the major cause of global warming. The government, most certainly THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX , is Geo Engineering the weather testing its use as an offensive weapon and at the same time covering up the actual amount of heat that fossil fuels are creating, by spraying toxic metals of aluminum, barium and strontium on the citizens of the United States. This is a crime against humanity. This is a criminal act for which life imprisonment or capital punishment plus 100% asset forfieture must be the penalities. All congressmen and Senators, Presidents and Vice-Presidents who enable these programs are criminals and traitors and must be removed from office effective immediately.



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* Shirley DeCarlo Horrible. Yesterday here in Chico I noticed more chemtrails at one time here than I have ever seen. I keep having respiratory illnesses...makes me wonder...

* Joan Williams Same thing here in Mississippi! Forecast says sunny but overcast by afternoon. Stop mowing and go inside when they start chem trailing.

* Breathtaking sunrise? What do you say to people who think it’s beautiful?

* Northwest region of the Netherlands.

* Erwin Dale Brown Ahhh, the turn around point that proves the spray planes go out and then turn around for the return in the spray pattern. Troy, Pa is at the end of a spray pattern also so you get to see the planes bank and turn to head back to the coast.

* Wanda Leister It was a beautiful blue with some natural clouds. 12 fly overs in the last hour and it is now turning into the crappy monochromatic lead gray color.

* Janet Crane Underwood April 26, 2014 was the first time I had noticed extreme patterns in the Sky. I was so confused I actually pulled the car over, got out and took pictures. I posted them on Facebook. Two days later with no warning a tornado literally dropped from the sky and destroyed parts of Quapaw Oklahoma and Baxter Springs Kansas. A short distance apart. The exact areas where I photographed. The next day my Facebook post was mysteriously removed. I do not believe any of this was coincidental.

* Veronika Hanson-Pitkoff This is a typical morning in Kennewick Washington state. By the afternoon, the entire sky will be hazy

* What could be more frustrating than trying to wake family and friends up who still believe skies like this are completely normal?

* Ruth Smith 72 here in Oceanside Ca,I sure remember blue skies and white clouds,the beauty was part of life,was always a weather watcher,loved a tan.Remember when things started changing.Would like to get out of here,circumstances make it difficult,and I actually am beginning to wonder where you could really go to escape it. The kids are robbed and bamboozled.The scriptures are being fulfilled.

* How do you like your skies, natural or man-made?

* Brett Potes It will effect your lungs, it did mine, southern Cal was getting hit like this for years, now they are sneakier about it

* Is grey the new blue when it comes to our skies? How do the skies look in your part of the world?

* The brilliant deep blue skies of the past are now no more. How many have even noticed?

* More and more often parallel lines cover the sun. What do your family and friends call this type of cloud?

* Are the lines in the sky finally obvious enough for the neighbors to look up?

* "Cobweb clouds" in the sky, is this now the norm?

* Just another usual morning view from my son's school. Do kids even recognize what normal clouds look like?

* Will our families and friends one day take a moment from their busy lives to take notice of what is happening above our heads?

* Do our skies have to look like something from a futuristic movie set before people decide to look up and take notice?

* How can so many be so oblivious to what is being done to our skies?

* How can people not notice our now completely altered skies?

* Will people ever look up and take notice of the bars that enclose us all?

* Will people ever stop to consider that trees are the lungs of the Earth? Will they ever look up to consider what is affecting them?

* How many airline passengers ever look out the window and take notice of the now missing blue skies?

* How unnatural and tainted do our skies have to get before the masses take notice?

* Is the sky painting over Las Vegas a part of the show?

* Does this sky look normal to anyone? Yet another day in Northern California, yet another day in the asylum.

* It's clear in my area this time of year. Many crop investments. But prior to the season heavy duty spraying. And right around harvest time. I've studied this for a decade.


* Again, thank you so much Dane for your tireless and dedicated work !!!

Here in Durham, NC we have been sprayed almost daily for about 5 years now. We see lines in the sky continually. There are no natural clouds; only the strange wispy, cotton-ball shaped oddities, and massive dense clouds that are totally alien in nature. I cannot remember seeing a clear blue sky for years; when there are few or no clouds, the skies are milky white with pale blue.  What I have been seeing here a lot is exceedingly low lying clouds that look so close to the ground, that you see the sides and the tops of the clouds rather than the bottoms.  It is positively surreal and bizarre.  The low clouds are massive and look very thick, opaque, and solid. From a distance, they are so close to the ground, that they look like huge mountains growing out of the ground when viewed at the horizon.  The dense particulate matter in the clouds is being pulled down by gravity and pulling them close to the earth. In Australia, there were a series of large, dark, dense clouds over Sydney that were only perhaps 150 feet over the ground in the city and can be viewed online.  Our entire weather is being destroyed and it is unfathomable how most people have acclimated themselves to the lines in the sky and the abnormally shaped clouds.  Even older people who did not grow up with these anomalies have become used to them and have accepted them without question. All of us must work together and sound the alarm with boldness and follow the dedicated work of our brother Dane Wigington.  God be with you all.  Peace ~~~ Chuck S

* In Holland Europe they have been spraying us daily for the last 20 years that I know of. A clear blue day is non existent these days 

* I live in N California and we have had a lot of rain BUT normally I wouldn't have to add water to the pool or fish pond because of this. That is not the case this year. It has seemed worse than not having any rain and has seemed to pull the moisture out. Has anyone else noticed this? I have mowed the lawn several times and my mouth and throat got so dry that I started coughing. 

* I Live in the Bay area and the ;lack of moisture in the air and soil is flagrantly conspicuous. THe Air is sooo dry that some days when I am walking or running outside my throat gets so dry it hurts .. I am attempting to amend the soil / for plants around my house because the soil is like dust. After watering my plants outdoor, the water seems to evaporate so quickly so that I am watering twice as much as I would need to just 2 years ago.Do you notice the tree's with shriveled leaves and/or half dead trunks? Do you also notice how the black domes that hover overhead seem to create a blanket overhead that intensifies/traps the pollution and particulates on the surface and even if there is the swirling geo engineered winds there seems to be no air circulation?

* Yes. I've noticed the same thing here where I reside in NE Florida. I've had to add water to my pool when I knew it had just rained good just a couple days previous. The sun does seem to be more direct and wearing a hat is required if you're outdoors. Our weather here in these parts is 100% different from our weather in say, the Seventies. Back then our normal humidity was 95%; we experienced daily rain. It has not been that way since the early nineties. Homeowners here put in underground irrigation systems to keep the grass alive. The St. Johns River is much saltier now as a result of lessened runoff. I haven't seen a water moccasin in the river in 20 years, which is a blessing for people but you gotta wonder why they're gone. I see much high altitude spraying, weird spreading out. But we often get unusually clear blue skies (not normal for Florida) where you won't see a single cloud for half of the day; not even a spray trail; then they'll unleash them and it'll cloud up good.

* So… massive complaints about allergies in the DFW area. Weatherpersons narrative on fake media blaming heavy cedar mountain allergen. Now , I realize this stuff gets blown in but we don’t have mountains and very few cedar trees here.  Maybe, this mass outbreak Is from heavy aerosol spraying in the DFW area the last few weeks? I know some people have allergies but everyone I know are sneezing their heads off… and many flu like symptoms . Connecting dots. What do you think Dane? 

* I have known about this for over three years and I live in California and I am convinced that nothing that has been happening here has been behind mother natures doing. When I try to share with friends and family if they have not paid attention to the sky and what they are spraying my family and friends think I am crazy. What is even more bazaar is that my wife tells me that the are spraying at night by in helicopters in formation if that shit does not scare you I guess nothing will. What I want is for it to piss off people enough to get up off their ass's and grow a pair and fight! or is what they are spraying turning everyone into conformist WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

* I see the chemtrails almost every day in Western New York.  Most people are looking down at their i-Pads and whatever;  that is why nobody sees what going on above them.  I have followed them for years.  They aren't going to stop until they cause a world cataclysm.  Then it will be TOO LATE.  A couple of years ago, I asked my legislator if there was anything that he could do to stop it. His answer was "does that mean stopping planes from flying."  How ignorant and ASININE.




President Donald Trump
Climate Change Denier
Fossil Fuel Champion
Killer of Americans via Chem Trails
Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

NOTE: Presidents Clinton, Bush and
Obama have authorized this toxic
spraying of Americans as well.

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